“Raúl Baglietto ha hecho a un Sir Tobia autoritario y fantasioso, con bastante buena línea de canto.”

Roger Alier, La Vanguardia, 2 de febrero de 2016.


“El papel de Sir Tobia Mill fue interpretado por un Raúl Baglietto experimentado que dominaba la escena, una voz muy trabajada que alcanzó un nivel excelente tanto en dinámicas como en la capacidad para el silabato… Baglietto fue claro en los recitativos y, a nivel expresivo, fue capaz de transmitir emoción.”

Aina Vega i Rofes, Núvol, 1 de febrero de 2016.


“Raúl Baglietto gave a solid professional vocal performance as Don Pasquale, and, as the main character, did a wonderful job of holding the show together. Visually, he portrayed the Don’s emotions in a very realistic manner, despite the overall comic feel of the piece.”

Mary Tinan, Notes from Xanadu, May 2013.


“Raúl Baglietto drew every ounce of “dirty old man” from the great Don P (never have I seen the eyes-bulging-at-hot-bird look carried off with such aplomb.”

Ellie Buchdahl, Playstosee, May 2013.


“Baritone Raul Baglietto made a strong and sympathetic Don Pasquale. He has a dark, nicely-grainy bass baritone voice with a good ability to articulate Donizetti’s passagework cleanly. He was clearly far younger than his character, but thankfully we did not have any comic acting of old age. He created sympathy for the character so that when Norina (Clementine Lovell) slapped him, it was a real shock.”

Robert Hugill,, May 2013.


“The Spanish base-baritone Raúl Baglietto offered well-nourished singing in his touching portrayal of the ill-used Don Pasquale.”

Margaret Davies, Opera, October 2011.